CONGRESS, INVESTIGATE COMCAST!!!  Please investigate our voting and election process and COMCAST’S ROLE IN IT!!!

Most Senators Overseeing the Comcast-Time Warner Deal Have Taken Money From Both In case you missed it… We are fighting an uphill battle.  Either help fight for your UNION OR KISS IT GOODBYE… WHILE YOU COMTEMPLATE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, THOSE OF US WHO HAVE SIGNED THE PETITION FOR AN INVESTIGATION WILL BE OVER […]

Comcast-Time Warner deal is bad for our democracy. Let’s end it. via Mr. Robert Reich…

Sen. Franken Urges Netflix to Join His Quest to Scupper Comcast-TWC Merger   Senator Al Franken wants to woo Netflix to join his crusade to crush the controversial merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, decrying “an anticompetitive advantage in the content market” if it goes ahead  

SAG-AFTRA Contract Negotiations Set for May 5  Yeah buddy, all ready to FIGHT FOR ACTORS… NOT!!!

SAG-AFTRA’s Lead Negotiator David White Won’t Be Leaving Before Talks “White had been a finalist to become executive director of NBA players union, but the group has decided to restart the hiring process”

Al Franken attacks Comcast merger  YES!!!


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