via DEADLINE… SAG-AFTRA Board Unanimously Denounces Letter Accusing Leaders of Malfeasance

via Variety… SAG-AFTRA Board to Ask Outside Counsel to Review Misconduct Allegations

via the MOUTHPIECE for SAG-AFTRA (remember he was pushing merger out of his office at Troy Gould BEFORE he landed the Hollywood Reporter gig and when the shit hit the fan and AFTRA couldn’t hide their debt, who “exposes” it before others could… yep Jonathan Handel, so just know this is a loaded article, damage […]

via DEADINE… SAG-AFTRA Leaders Blasted for Misuse of Union Funds

via Variety… SAG-AFTRA Leaders Threatened With Suit Over Alleged Misconduct (EXCLUSIVE)

Funny how that works… time to bring it home now that the California taxpayer is footing the bill to make their content… oh they are paying for some of it with your residuals… but not much… that was the plan all along… this is the goal they have achieved with merging SAG and aftra… streaming […]

via Deadline… SAG P&H Plans’ “Unreasonable” Fees And Expenses Appear To Have Violated Federal Law, DOJ Probe Finds