2015 Trey King Decision Final

APRIL 19, 2002… REMEMBER THIS… JUST OVER 13 YEARS AGO…IT WAS THEN THAT THE BIG AGENCIES BEGAN REFUSING TO SIGN THE SAG FRANCHISE AGREEMENT… via The New York Times… http://www.nytimes.com/2002/04/20/business/screen-actors-reject-new-rules-on-ownership-of-talent-agencies.html

via DEADLINE… http://deadline.com/2015/10/gabriella-carteris-sag-aftra-reelection-hollywood-1201566359/

VIA DEADLINE… The Lenhoff amended complaint… https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/lenhoff-amended-complaint.pdf

““Plaintiff alleges that Defendants UTA and ICM, together with two other ‘Uber’ talent agencies, William Morris Endeavor (‘WME’) and Creative Artists Agency (‘CAA’), have engaged in a conspiracy to restrain trade and to create an oligopoly in order to control the scripted television (‘TV’) relevant market, including the scripted TV packaging submarket,” says the new […]

via DEADLINE… http://deadline.com/2015/09/westworld-sex-scandal-sag-aftra-scolds-hbo-1201562295/

via DEADLINE… http://deadline.com/2015/09/westworld-simulated-sex-extras-hbo-responds-1201561743/


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