I thought number five was… interesting… Hmmm… 2011? What happened shortly thereafter???  via tickld… 5/31 The first original Netflix product was 11-minutes worth of test footage shot in 2011. The short videos can be watched together to create a very abstract film that really doesn’t make sense.31 Fascinating Things Most People Don’t Know About Netflix.

via DEADLINE… UTA & ICM Win In Antitrust & Anti-Packaging Suit Challenged By Boutique Agency

via re/code… Fox and Disney want to sell their own web TV bundle, via Hulu, for $40 a month

And this is how you sweep it under the rug…  Sony Second Studio To Reach Settlement In Animation Anti-Poaching Suit

ICYMI… Labor Department: Art Directors Guild Exec Director Is “Officer” & Must Stand For Election

You see where this is headed??? via WIRED… Gunning for Google, Comcast Preps Gigabit Internet That Works With Regular Cable

BUT YAY!!! WE GOT CABLE!!! Data: U.S. Millennials Watch Netflix Series More Than Broadcast TV Hits


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