Howard, from the dais, dodged the question… He was lying that night… to all the members present… your President…

Howard answers, “Who’s David Browde?”

Postby Trey King » Sun 17 Feb, 2013

On the evening of May 17, 2011, the following occured.
The setting was the President’s Listening Tour, ( which had returned to Hollywood after going around the country to the regional branches. There was a Hollywood membership meeting before this, but invitation only. This forum was open to both SAG and AFTRA Hollywood members at large. A few hundred were in attendance.

The following question was asked from the floor. But before it was asked, the questioner made a stipulation. That stipulation, read carefully and slowly, stated as follows, ” Please answer this question with a yes or no. Any response other than that would be considered a answer in the affirmative.”

The question was then asked to those on the dais, from one end starting with Matt Kimbrough, then Ron Morgan, Roberta Reardon, Ken Howard, Amy Aquino and finally Ned Vaughn. Their response, witnessed by over a hundred still present, were as follows.

First the question.

“Are you aware that records show that David Browde is the owner/operator of”

Their responses were as follows.

Matt Kimbrough: “No.” Then he dropped his head and mumbled something that sounded like “I don’t know”. The questioner did not follow this up.

Ron Morgan: “No.”

Roberta Reardon: “No.” Quite perkily, by the way.

Ken Howard: “Who’s David Browde?” To which the questioner asked, “That is your answer?” Howard again repeated, “Who’s David Browde?” It was at this point that members from AFTRA began to shout that the questioner was out of time. The questioner proceeded on.

Amy Aquino: “No.”

Ned Vaughn, first starting to say to Aquino, “What is he…?” Then he covered his mouth, continued to whisper to Aquino, who rolled her eyes, and told him, “just say no”. I was close enough to read her lips.

Ned Vaughn: “No.”

So there you have them as close to “on the record” as they will ever get outside a court of law.

I just wanted to make sure this is recorded. And remembered.,0

All this controversy and Howard answers, “Who’s David Browde?” on this date:

There were at least 100 folks still left in the lobby when this question was asked late into the evening. And I am sure the questioner wouldn’t be too hard to find. Howard once noted from the dais that I took meticulous notes. Yes sir. I do.

Trey King

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