#UTA & #ICM #Accused Of Forming #TV “#Cartel” with #WME & #CAA In #New #Complaint From #Boutique #Agency

““Plaintiff alleges that Defendants UTA and ICM, together with two other ‘Uber’ talent agencies, William Morris Endeavor (‘WME’) and Creative Artists Agency (‘CAA’), have engaged in a conspiracy to restrain trade and to create an oligopoly in order to control the scripted television (‘TV’) relevant market, including the scripted TV packaging submarket,” says the new case summary in the new amended complaint that Lenhoff & Lenhoff’s lawyer Phillip Kaplan filed Friday in federal court (read it here). Instead of citing Section 2 of the Sherman Act, the new jury seeking compliant now hangs its hat on a violation of Section 1 of the law. “Plaintiff alleges that Defendants UTA and ICM have agreed and conspired with WME and CAA to form a ‘cartel’ or oligopoly.” via DEADLINE… http://deadline.com/2015/10/uta-icm-wme-caa-antitrust-lawsuit-new-amended-complaint-lenhoff-lenhoff-1201566498/


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