Former #SAG P&H #Plans #Executive #NadirKarimi #Pleads #Guilty To #Tax #Fraud




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  2. […] At the meeting on Sunday, David White made the statement they THEY found the embezzlement and that THEY contacted law enforcement and that THEY had Karimi arrested for the embezzlement. Now, here is the kicker, he claimed that THEY DID ALL THAT yet the thing is Karimi wasn’t arrested by the FBI for embezzlement, he was arrested for not paying taxes on at least $700,000 (of the between $2.5 and $3 million he embezzled) that was collected from contractors. One would think that if THEY had done all this, that he could have at least gotten the charge right. But he didn’t. All THEY DID WAS TRY AND COVER IT UP! FORMER #SAG P&H #PLANS #EXECUTIVE #NADIRKARIMI #PLEADS #GUILTY TO #TAX #FRAUD […]

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