Yeah, that “Unite For Victory slate”… yeah… makes you wonder, if they got that wrong, what else did they get wrong or miss…

Besides getting the slate wrong, they say that IVS said the security leak in 2012 was the fault of SAG… it was a SAG OFFICIAL who said it was SAG’S FAULT… BUT THE IT GUY I SPOKE WITH AT SAG SAID IT WAS NOT THE FAULT OF SAG, IT WAS THE FAULT OF THE VENDOR, IVS… AGAIN THE DOL GOT IT WRONG.

And finally, the attempt to skew the vote by sending out another email doesn’t count because it was campaign literature and therefore, not under the scope of the DOL.  So you can manipulate the vote as long as it isn’t on an “OFFICIAL” SAG communication.

What a crock… and I TOLD THEM AS SUCH.



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