#SAG-#AFTRA #Health and #Pension #Plan Investigation Closed

Folks, this is the final letter from the DOL-EBSA confirming they are closing the case. The result of their investigation was the arrest of Nadir Karimi for tax fraud. The FBI was unable to charge him with embezzlement of the money, so they charged him with the failure to pay taxes on it. He plea bargained, got a slap on the wrist, and was sent on his merry way. The DOL-0LMS has also closed the case (see post below). They didn’t even get the name right. And as for the SEC (my last hope) well they are suffering a meltdown (see post below) and now with Trump, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. I have done EVERYTHING LEGALLY POSSIBLE with the resources I have. Those being no lawyer and no money. When your pension begins to take the huge hits, I suggest a pool of actors get together and hire an attorney and sue for damages. That is going to be the only way to recoup any losses or get any justice. I did my best, but in this case, it wasn’t enough. But please know that I TRIED…


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