The great Screen Actors Guild is dead…

The takeaway from yesterday’s Hollywood local meeting was, you come, you applaud, you give standing ovations, you clap for what you are supposed to clap for and everything is fine. If however, you disagree, you clap for something that you aren’t supposed to clap for, if you debate, if you challenge the statements made from the dais, you will be removed. This in a #UNION meeting. No debate, no questioning authority, no discussions that include any other way of thinking than that which is put forth by David White. The capitulation by those in office is insulting. But it was quite clear to me that the thing I feared the most has come true. The Screen Actors Guild is dead. She is gone. The once great lady is no more. That was probably my last attendance at a meeting of any kind. From everything that I found out in my investigating, I no longer have a love of making films. The corruption has truly ruined the one thing in this life that I loved. 

In 2010, we honored Gloria Stuart who played the older Rose in Titanic.  She was also one of the founding members of the Screen Actors Guild.  That day, she represented what our once great guild was in every form.  Old, yes, dignified, certainly, beautiful, absolutely, strong, without a doubt… She was 100 years old I believe or about to turn 100.  She would pass just a few weeks after her tribute.  She spoke so quietly that no one in the audience moved so that everyone could hear her words.  She passed and it seemed like our guild passed with her.

All we can do know is hold dear the memories of what we once had, a mighty and noble collection of actors that was known as the Screen Actors Guild….



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