via DEADLINE… Former AFTRA Health & Retirement Fund Exec Charged with Stealing $3.4 Million

via DEADLINE… Department Of Labor Finds $750,000 Misappropriated From SAG Pension & Health Plans

Folks, this is the final letter from the DOL-EBSA confirming they are closing the case. The result of their investigation was the arrest of Nadir Karimi for tax fraud. The FBI was unable to charge him with embezzlement of the money, so they charged him with the failure to pay taxes on it. He plea […]

Well, we tried… via Reuters… U.S. SEC enforcement chief Ceresney to depart at year-end We should all move on with our lives.  SAG is long gone, may she rest in peace…

via DEADLINE… Netflix Enables Program Downloading For Subscribers Worldwide

VIA VARIETY… If you have to ask, what does this have to do with actors, then you haven’t been paying attention… For years, I would attend Conversation events where actor after actor, from the floor of the Cagney Room, would tell a story of how Katzenberg did not want to pay talent… then they began […]

Yeah, that “Unite For Victory slate”… yeah… makes you wonder, if they got that wrong, what else did they get wrong or miss… Besides getting the slate wrong, they say that IVS said the security leak in 2012 was the fault of SAG… it was a SAG OFFICIAL who said it was SAG’S FAULT… BUT THE […]