via Deadline… SAG P&H Plans’ “Unreasonable” Fees And Expenses Appear To Have Violated Federal Law, DOJ Probe Finds

via Deadline… ‘Midnight Rider’s Film Allman Loses Third Appeal Over Safety Violations

via The Wrap… David White Amends Statement About Dreier

via MY documents… David White said THEY found it all, they took care of it, that nothing was done by the DOL that was the result of a member complaint.  Well, we all know they did everything they could to hide Karimi’s embezzlement.  All these actions by the EBSA and FBI have been the direct […]

And they put these two in charge of our money… yeah… wise choice… via… Meet The Ws

via Deadline… The Race Is On: Peter Antico First To Announce Candidacy For SAG-AFTRA President