At the meeting on Sunday, David White made the statement they THEY found the embezzlement and that THEY contacted law enforcement and that THEY had Karimi arrested for the embezzlement. Now, here is the kicker, he claimed that THEY DID ALL THAT yet the thing is Karimi wasn’t arrested by the FBI for embezzlement, he […]

The takeaway from yesterday’s Hollywood local meeting was, you come, you applaud, you give standing ovations, you clap for what you are supposed to clap for and everything is fine. If however, you disagree, you clap for something that you aren’t supposed to clap for, if you debate, if you challenge the statements made from […]

Well, well… now if only they had done that BEFORE OUR MERGER, BEFORE THEY CHECKED OUR BOOKS, BEFORE THEY TOLD US EVERYTHING WAS OK WITH THE BOOKS… MAYBE WE WOULD STILL HAVE SAG…Pricewaterhouse Coopers said AFTRA’s finances were in order… we now know they were broke!  #Oscars Will No Longer Work With #PwC Accountants Involved […]

Yeah  he has led SAG right off a cliff… #pension #health #benefits Hollywood Hotshot David White Leads the World’s Largest Entertainment Union

Just Say SAG

You will NEVER see #SAGaftra do this on a MAJOR contract ever again!!! Not until you vote those assholes out of office. #WGA Members “Ready To #Strike” After Round Of Pre-#Contract #Talks #Meetings